Saturday, 1 September 2007

September Surprise

"What’s the difference between Iraq and Vietnam? Hmmm....Bush knew how to get out of Vietnam"

Errr….when even the Daily Torygraph…uhm…I mean the conservative Daily Telegraph, with the majority of it’s readers being Tory supporters, run a front page news story on the top British military brass US ally launching a vitriolic attack against the US administration’s policy on the handling of the Iraq debacle, the candle is clearly burnt at both ends. Of course he can afford to do it in exclusive serials from his memoirs…it’s only near retiring or retiring folk who can afford to let loose the cannons of the depth of feelings….especially when you have an upcoming book to promote and sell. General Sir Mike, who believed in the “legality” of the war and still erroneously believes that even more troops would have done the job good and proper no doubt can sleep soundly at night knowing that in convenient hindsight it wasn’t any of his fault.

Lets pause and take a wild guess now that it’s the first of September as to what Bush is going to do next after his so called glorious “surge” earlier this year. Will he stubbornly ignore everyone yet again with more excuses and press on with this military foray or is he going to stubbornly ignore everyone yet again with more excuses and press on with this military foray?


Moriji said...

It looks like Gordon Brown is using General Mike Jackson for cover while pulling out of Basra. So I guess Gordon Brown is no Bush's poodle after all. Good.

Now the U.S. is all alone. No more "Coalition of the Willing." Let's see how long Bush can keep this "war on terror" going without any international support (apart from Israel, that is).

El Draque said...

Yes, I don't think Brown would fawn over Bush like Blair did. He seems more low key and less showy. More substance than style.

Bush is screwed. Always has been. I think there will be a cosmetic reduction of American troops which will be lauded over the media and Orwellian trumpeted as a "success" but in actual terms amounts to nothing in strategic or tactical terms. America will keep on fighting in Iraq for the forsseable future.