Sunday, 20 May 2007

Who is threatening whom?

Active US military bases in the Middle East and Central Asia (NB. the US base in Uzbekistan has since been decomissioned from late 2005)
Key: Red = Country hosting US base and troops; Purple = Country hosting US troops; Blue = Country with no evident US military presence

I was not surprised by the results of an Israeli poll conducted with the aid of a pro-Zionist organization for the desire to aggressively spread more military warfare in the guise of peace, democracy and freedom in a region already (I)racked with death and destruction when one does not get one's way. My major criticism of this poorly written "news snippet" was that it did not obviously let it be known the number of people involved in the poll, how the poll was conducted and thus how truly representative of the views of Israeli society it reflects.

Since Israel is wholly capable of military action, what I am more interested in is how many Israelis would want Israel to strike Iran? The subjects of the poll probably would not mind America doing the job for them just as America did for them in Iraq of getting rid of a (former US supported) tyrant and leaving a bigger bloodier mess that continues to destabilise the region further.

And should other nations have the right to strike Israel because of it’s pursuance of its own “nuclear program” despite “failed diplomacy”?

Unchecked hypocrisy and violence unsurprisingly breeds more unchecked hypocrisy and violence. Hard to digest (extreme sarcasm here), but yes, both concepts do miraculously and actually flow both ways.


Moriji said...

The free world is now facing a threat greater than the Nazis or the Soviet Union. It is called Islamofascism.

Terrorists who subscribe to this ideology have one goal in mind: to eradicate Western culture and replace it with Islam. And they will kill anyone indiscriminately, including women and children, to achieve this aim.

They hate freedom and democracy and everything the West stands for. Their plan is to take over the Middle East, country by country, and then on to Europe and the rest of the world.

They would love to get their hands on a nuclear bomb. They dream of wiping Israel off the map, along with other peace loving people in the region.

The greatest threat to the stability of the Middle East is now Iran. They control numerous terrorist organizations and are building nuclear weapons at blistering speed. They must be stopped before it is too late.

And Israel has bent over backwards to make peace with its Arab neighbors, but all it gets in return is more terrorism. Its nuclear arsenal is merely for self-defense. It can not allow its people to be threatened by genocide again, just like the Nazis tried to do.

And countries like Lebanon and Iraq, which are in the growing pains of freedom and democracy, are being attacked by proxies under the control of Iran who does not want them to succeed.

So if the Iranians do not back down, the United States will have no choice put to destroy the Iranian nuclear program. The U.S. would like to avoid a confrontation, but if the free world is backed into a corner, it will have no choice. We cannot allow a regime bent on confrontation to wreck havoc on the Middle East and the world.

PS. How was that? Did I successfully argue like a neoconservative? :P

El Draque said...

You had me at "the free world". 10 out of 10. And yes, neo-conservatives are less tolerant of ambiguity, a trait exemplified when George Bush says things like, "Look, my job isn't to try to nuance. My job is to tell people what I think," and "I'm the decider."